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A major new report from GEFI and R.J. Fleming & Co. has concluded that ‘business-as-usual’ in the financial services sector will not deliver the 2030 target to achieve the Global Goals

With sustainability and impact quickly moving from being specialist subjects to being core drivers of investment strategies worldwide the report calls for a ‘step-change’, identifying a private equity fund-of-fund solution that provides the required scale to attract new capital from institutional investors. The new independent managed platform, a global impact fund-of-funds, will fill the gap between specialist impact fund managers and mainstream investors.

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Finance for Nature Global Summit

Following the success of the inaugural “Finance for Nature Global Summit”, GEFI, UNDP, UNEP, the New York Declaration on Forests Global Platform and Climate Advisers are convening the Finance for Nature Virtual Global Series to accelerate momentum on nature-based finance in advance of the UN Climate and Biodiversity COPs in 2021.

Taking place via Zoom on 20/21 July 2020, the summit will bring together together industry champions from finance, insurance, consumer goods companies and standard-setting regulators to drive practical commitments on investing in nature.

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Programme of Collaboration

In 2018 GEFI facilitated a 2-year programme of collaboration between the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Scottish Government (SG) that aims to develop a financial instrument that allows private capital to be diverted into nature-based, SDG-aligned investments.

The project is learning journey focused upon two key pillars of activities:

  1. Market analysis (completed December 2019):
    • Understand the appetite amongst the investor community for supporting the SDGs
    • Identify the key challenges that investors face in this space
    • Identify the main drivers for increasing such investment.
  2. Practical solution (to be completed by December 2020)
    • Identify and review potential solutions from market analysis
    • Select and develop preferred investment structure
    • Implement a pilot in cooperation with GEFI, SG and UNDP.

The two year programme will provide financial institutions from across the globe with an innovative financial structure that allows them to generate a financial return at the same time as supporting the delivery of the Global Goals.

Programme Announced by UNDP / Scottish Government at the Ethical Finance 2018 Conference (Oct 22-23, 2018) in Edinburgh.

Finance for Nature Global Summit

Why the SDGs?

The SDGs

The SDGs were developed after the UN carried out the largest stakeholder engagement program in its history where it asked business, academia, NGOs, civil society and others about what they should include. This broad buy-in gives the SDGs essential credibility and traction. The Goals were agreed and adopted UN in September 2015 as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The 17 quantitative and qualitative Global Goals reflect the aspirations of the people around the world. They are designed to address global economic, social, governance and environmental challenges, providing a common framework for shared action across all sectors and countries. 193 countries (including Scotland) have adopted the SDGs since September 2015 with the target date of 2030.

Achieving the SDGs requires a US$5-7 trillion p/a investment. With an estimated US$2.4 trillion p/a shortfall, the private sector is poised to fill the gap. However, only a fraction of the worldwide invested assets of banks, multinational enterprises, pension funds, insurers, as well as philanthropists and foundations is SDG-relevant.

Finance for Nature Global Summit 2019

Financing SDGs Programme

Financing SDGs ProgrammeBusiness-as-usual in the global financial arena will not deliver the 2030 Agenda. A step-change in private investment in SDGs is required.

Why Scotland?

Scotland is an ideal programme partner given its ‘whole economy’ approach to policy, its commitment to sustainable inclusive economic development, its powerful and diverse financial cluster and its international reputation for innovation and ethical finance.

Involvement in the programme will provide global visibility of Scotland’s tangible commitment to sustainable development. By leveraging the rich expertise in financial services to create new solutions the programme will position Scotland as a genuine international centre for financial innovation.

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