Net Zero Pensions

Pension Providers and the Path to Net Zero

Policy Positioning Paper

September 2021

Net zero can broadly be defined as achieving a balance between the Green House Gases (GHG) put into the atmosphere and those which are taken out. The challenge of achieving net zero presents a complex range of issues for pension providers and financial institutions alike. With COP26 coming to Glasgow in November 2021, financial institutions are coming under increasing pressure to commit to net zero targets. Pension providers must therefore accelerate action towards meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

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Transition Roadmap

October 2021

Following on from our Policy Positioning Paper, we were delighted to launch our Transition Roadmap. The Transition Roadmap is designed to provide practical action that pension providers can take to overcome key challenges around reliable data on emissions, knowledge and expertise of pension fund staff and trustees prioritising climate change. It also helps pension providers to navigate the various tools, initiatives and frameworks that can be used on their net zero journey. It guides pension providers on how to start taking action now to deliver net zero by 2050 or earlier.

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Net Zero Pensions

Supporting Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) providers to commit to investigating the possibility of taking a net zero approach

With COP26 behind us, asset owners across the globe are coming under increasing pressure to commit to Net Zero. Whilst a number of financial institutions have taken a leap of faith and made Net Zero commitments, others are less comfortable to do so as a prerequisite for achieving Net Zero is the ability to measure the position.

The composition of an investment portfolio will determine the availability of, and access to, the appropriate climate data required to conduct full carbon accounting.

Without knowing the baseline starting position, for many, it is difficult to put a timescale on achieving Net Zero. This presents asset owners with two potential risks:

  • Negative publicity received as a result of not making Net Zero commitments
  • Making a Net Zero commitment that cannot be fulfilled

As we navigate the path away from COP26, Scottish LGPS providers are coming under increasing scrutiny. The Net Zero Pensions workstream therefore deliver a series of policy papers, workshops and events to support LGPS providers to commit to investigating the possibility of taking a net zero approach.

Updates on Net Zero Pensions after COP26

An introduction to the Net Zero Pensions Workstream

100 Days to COP | Net Zero Pensions | Natalie Jackson

Watch GEFI’s Natalie Jackson discuss our Net Zero Pensions work stream, with 100 days to go until COP 26.


Programme of Events

Events at COP26

Tuesday 9th November, Kelvin gallery, University of Glasgow, 12:30-14:00​: Net Zero Pension Summit

  • Barry O’Dwyer (Chief Executive, Royal London), Faith Ward (Chief Responsible Investment Officer, Brunel Pension Partnership)
  • David Russell, Head of Responsible Investment (Universities Superannuation Scheme)
  • Eva Cairns, (Head of Climate Change Strategy, Abrdn)
  • Tim Orton, (Managing Director, Investment Solutions, Aegon UK)

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